Friday, August 17, 2012

Long needed break, kind of.

As it turns out, I am a work-a-holic.
I was supposed to take most of this week off, but I ended up with a few projects that had to be done before I could break away. (Don't we all have this problem some weeks?). I managed to sneak out for Thursday and Firday, but despite my best effors- I swear- I ended up working from home with a flu. Not much of a break sadly and with the upcoming projects, this is probably as good as it is going to get. I am hoping that after our new Desktop support/Jr. Admin starts, well after I hire them, I can stop working 220+ hour months.

On to something fun:

I am getting to spec the hardware for our next system refresh. This is a beyond daugnting task, as our current cluster is based of Dual Xeon X5650s with 96gb ram and 256gb SSDs. All linked together by 40Gb's Infinband. I am planning on switch to E5 xeons, 256gb Ram, and 240gb Intel SSDs. The rest of the changes will all be in the configuration in hopes of giving us a performance boost. I have already had great sucess adding cache and log drives to our Nexanta/ZFS based SAN's.

Some notes for anyone else configuring a ASA 5505 with 8.4 and ASDM 6.4.
Check out both Sound Training and Pete Net Live on Youtube.

Pete's SSL VPN guide: LINK
And Site to Site VPN guide: LINK

Both were a great help and I highly recommend Sound Training's Cisco ASA book. I would wait until they have a refresh though, as 8.3/6.2 and 8.4/6.4 have some significant changes.